Lab Ops & Facility Management for Biopharma – What’s It About?

Building on 7 years of experience with the R&D enabling functions across R&D procurement, lab asset and facility management teams, we are excited to premier this industry-led, definitive forum designed for lab operations and scientific services leaders amongst fast-growing biotechs in the West Coast, equipping them with the must-have knowledge on operations, project management and financial planning.

Who Should Attend?


R&D Operations

LAB Operations

Real Estate & Workplace Planning

Financial Planning

From biopharma, Dx labs, satellite sites of large pharma and CDMOs.

Key Benefits of Attending:

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Increase spend visibility and explore saving opportunities with spacial planning to increase capital efficiency with Gilead

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Join Merck to achieve agility through balancing short-term needs, mid-term growth and long-term uncertainty from a lab space and facility management perspective

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Learn from Stemson Therapeutics to equip you with the critical financial
planning and risk assessment knowledge, and bridge the gap between scientific and operational teams

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Adopt novel models with your lab asset vendors and OEMs, as well as integrated FMs services to improve productivity and cost-effectiveness
with Avrok Bioscience

Our Community Members Include:

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