Conference Day Two
Thursday, May 30 2024

8:30 am Coffee & Networking

9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Ensuring Lab Compliance & EHS

9:10 am Future-Proofing Your Lab: Improving Lab Compliance as Numbers Grow & Facilities Expand

  • Pruthvi Shah Senior Manager - Laboratory Operations, Nkarta


  • Discussing safety and operational risk assessment/mitigation in biotech labs and the change that comes with growth
  • Developing operational management during expansion step-by-step to minimize risks for your research community
  • Exploring possible frameworks already in use which are assisting in prioritization and clear communication

9:40 am -80C Lab Freezers: You Really Need To Know This

  • Mark Brassard Director, Biopharma Strategic Engagement, PHC Corporation of North America (PHCNA)


  • “Trust but verify” Working toward scope 1-2-3 goals
  • Energy use: It’s more than just plug load
  • Preventative maintenance protects the investment.
  • Avoiding costs hidden in plain sight
  • Innovation and the drive toward greater energy efficiency

10:10 am Morning Refreshments & Networking

Sustainable Labs on the West Coast

11:00 am Rethinking Spatial Planning to Future-Proof Your Lab Facilities & Mitigate Risks


  • Understanding current data and using this to best plan spatial reorganization or expansion for your lab
  • Creating a smooth transition with minimal down/off-time to stick to budget
  • Ensuring compliance is always the top priority for mitigated risk and effectivity for end users

11:30 am Roundtable Discussion: Ensuring a Gold Standard: Creating Sustainable Labs in California Through Facility Design & Energy Efficiency


  • Evaluating West Coast energy and water consumption considerations to meet regulations and expand sustainability opportunities
  • Discussing considerations for biohazard waste, reusable plastics, and cleaning regulations to ensure in-house activities are always kept to maximum potential
  • Converting goals and targets into tangible, achievable successes on a concrete path to sustainable change

12:15 pm Lunch & Networking

Cost Effective Long-Term Planning

1:15 pm Case Study: Setting Up a Streamlined Process to Ensure Quality Assurance Through Company-Wide Communication

  • Tamanna Talukder Clinical Laboratory Scientist & Quality Assurance, Avrok Biosciences


  • Highlighting company pitfalls, especially in communication of regulatory processes, where improved communication is required
  • Creating established standards and guidelines that are understood and complied to by all employees

1:45 pm Discovering Vendor & Software Market Trends To Ultimately Boost Your Relationships & Ensure Secure Long-Standing Technologies


  • Enabling better business decisions with asset data to make future vendor decisions
  • Ensuring full life cycle of your assets with preventative maintenance
  • Aligning with quality processes through technology to ultimately make the best enterprise-wide cost decisions

2:15 pm Making an Effective Long-Term Plan To Prepare for Future Change

  • David Chen Laboratory Operations Manager, Evercrisp Biosciences


  • Preparing for lab moves while mainlining ultimate workflow
  • How to ensure constant prioritization of tasks while ensuring asset management standards are met
  • Creating clear communication between all lab users

2:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:00 pm End of Summit