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Ensuring Your Pipeline Progression & Research Operations Continuity

Welcome to the Lab Ops & Facility Management for Biopharma Summit 2024

Delivering OPEX & CAPEX Through Agile Lab Planning & Seamless Operations Amongst Mid-Sized Biotechs

The last 3 years continue to see California rising as a competing biotech hub, incubating fast-growing biopharma and becoming a favored satellite site to large pharma in the West Coast. Notable developments include Moderna leasing a new campus in Seattle, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center opened a $320m campus, and Gilead’s new research center underway.

However, lingering market volatility simply means lab operations managers within fast-growing biopharma in the West Coast need to be even more adept at business operations, as they play the critical role to the health of R&D pipeline progression and business continuity in 2024.

As part of the flagship LAFM community, the premier Lab Operations & Facility Management for Biopharma Summit provided the much-needed support for lab ops experts within mid-sized biotechs. Bringing together over 60 leaders this May in San Diego and in collaboration with Merck, BioMarin and Nanoimaging, our 2024 audience joined us to:

Increase spend visibility and explore saving opportunities to increase capital efficiency
Achieve agility through balancing short-term needs, mid-term growth and long-term uncertainty from a lab space and facility management perspective
Equip you with the critical financial planning and risk assessment knowledge, and bridge the gap between scientific and operational teams
Adopt novel models with your lab asset vendors and OEMs, as well as integrated FMs services to improve productivity and cost-effectiveness

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“The chance to network with several other companies was incredible and beneficial”

Senior Specialist, Merck & Co.

“Very organized with meaningful topics as well as great presenters”

Senior Director, Takeda Pharmaceutical

“I enjoyed the wealth of information and sharing of strategy, solutions, and brilliant conversation from across the industry”

Senior Manager, Facilities & Lab Operations, Inozyme Pharma